Oberoi Three Sixty West Worli Gets More Spice

Title: Luxurious Living in Mumbai's Worli Area - Everest Food Products' Promoter Acquires a Stunning Apartment

Mumbai, a city known for its bustling energy and luxurious living, has witnessed a significant real estate transaction in the upscale Worli area. The promoter of Everest Food Products Private Limited, the iconic Indian spice brand, recently made a remarkable investment in the city's property market.

Location: Worli's Three Sixty West Project

The luxurious acquisition took place in the prestigious Three Sixty West project developed by Oberoi Realty. Situated in the heart of Worli, this mixed-use development is a blend of sophistication and modernity. Comprising two towers—one housing The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the other hosting ultra-luxury residences—Three Sixty West stands as a testament to Mumbai's evolving skyline.

The Jewel in the Crown: A 6,130 sq ft Apartment

The focal point of this transaction is a lavish apartment spanning 6,130 sq ft in carpet area. The property comes with the added convenience of six parking spaces, providing a rare commodity in the bustling city. Oberoi Three Sixty West is a Marquee project and it invites Top of the Line Industrialists, CEO, Chairman's and large business families. Its a crowd puller on its own. The Top business families have chose Oberoi Three Sixty West to be their Home in Mumbai.

A Glimpse into the Development

Three Sixty West has garnered attention not just for its luxurious residences but also for housing The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Developed by Oberoi Realty in collaboration with Sahana Group, the project represents a significant investment in Mumbai's real estate landscape. The apartment in question is one of the 60-plus units acquired by Oberoi Realty, marking a substantial venture into this upscale development.

India's Largest Property Deal

The Three Sixty West project made headlines in 2023 for being part of India's largest property deal. The acquisition involved 28 units by the family members and associates of Radhakrishna Damani, the billionaire founder of D’Mart. This landmark transaction, officially registered on February 3, further solidifies the stature of Three Sixty West in Mumbai's real estate market.


As Mumbai continues to be a hub of luxury living, the acquisition in Three Sixty West adds another chapter to the city's real estate narrative. The blend of opulence, strategic location, and the developer's reputation makes this investment a noteworthy addition to the landscape of Mumbai's Worli area.

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