HOMETHON Property Expo 2023 Wraps Up

HOMETHON Property Expo 2023 Wraps Up: Fostering Awareness of Ongoing and New Real Estate Launches

NAREDCO Maharashtra recently concluded the second edition of the HOMETHON Property Expo 2023 at the JIO World Convention Centre, Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC), Mumbai, from November 24 to 26, 2023. This dynamic event not only celebrated strong participation and successful deals but also played a crucial role in creating awareness around ongoing projects and new launches in the real estate sector.

A Platform for Ongoing Projects

With over 150 developers participating, HOMETHON 2023 became a comprehensive platform for ongoing real estate projects. Home buyers had the unique opportunity to explore a diverse range of ongoing developments across Mumbai and its extended metropolitan region. The expo facilitated direct engagement with developers, allowing visitors to gain insights into the progress, features, and offerings of projects currently underway.

Showcasing New Launches

In addition to shedding light on ongoing projects, HOMETHON 2023 became a launchpad for several new developments. Renowned developers, including Hiranandani Group, Godrej Properties, K Raheja Corp, Piramal Realty, and others, utilized the expo as a strategic platform to unveil their latest projects. This not only generated excitement among potential buyers but also ensured that these new launches received the attention they deserved.

Connecting Developers with Home Buyers

The expo's success in attracting over 45,000 quality walk-ins and providing 500 leads per exhibitor highlights its role as a powerful bridge between developers and home buyers. Attendees not only explored the showcased properties but also engaged in meaningful conversations with developers, gaining insights into the real estate landscape and the opportunities available.

Stimulating Housing Demand

The timing of the event, just a week after Diwali, proved to be strategic. Home buyer sentiments were at an all-time high, creating a favorable environment for developers to showcase ongoing projects and introduce new launches. The expo's success in generating over 1000 crores in revenue from sales post the exhibition underscores its impact in stimulating housing demand.

The Impact on Housing Finance Companies

Leading housing finance companies, such as State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Central Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and Aditya Birla Housing Finance, played a crucial role in supporting ongoing projects and new launches. By offering attractive home loan deals and facilitating on-the-spot approvals, these companies further contributed to the success of the expo and the awareness surrounding real estate opportunities.


HOMETHON Property Expo 2023 not only celebrated the achievements of the real estate sector but also served as a catalyst for creating awareness around ongoing projects and new launches. By providing a dynamic platform for developers to showcase their offerings and directly engage with potential buyers, the expo played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Mumbai's real estate landscape.

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