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Demographics of the financial capital of India

Mumbai, also called Bombay, is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra and is the financial capital of India. Mumbai is one of the most populous city in India and its one of the most densely populated city in the world.

In the year 2013, the approximate population of the city of Mumbai was 19,291,439, although this does not include the metropolitan area. Mumbai has an immense migrant population and a lot of people commute from the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region into Mumbai for the search of their livelihood.

In fact, each train or aircraft comes in to Mumbai is nearly packed and one can see that the financial capital of India is certainly is a dream city for aspirational and young entrepreneurs.

Since, it has a floating population, the male to female ration is 10:8 - While 8 being the women.

Mumbai has a great literacy ratio compared to an average Indian City and Hindi, English and Marathi are acceptable languages and very easy to converse in Mumbai and move around etc.

Mumbai has a cosmopolitan population with a mix of Hindu, Muslim, Jains, Christians, Sikhs etc.

A huge amount of Mumbai’s population lives in Slums or Chawls (a local name for buildings with cramped up spaces). Mumbai faces an acute amount of shortage for affordable housing and the South of Mumbai till Bandra is considered as the most expensive part of Mumbai and the suburbs too now are becoming extremely expensive for an average common man to reside. Mumbai as a city thrives on rental accommodation and the same is very easily available in Mumbai today if you can afford.

The Mumbai city also faces an acute infrastructure development issue, with shanties or slums encroaching upon most of the open areas of Mumbai. Mumbai as a city has two development bodies which are now responsible for the cities housing, one being the MHADA (Mumbai Housing and Development Authority) and second one being the SRA (Slum Rehabilitation Authority). These two bodies are responsible for creating low cost housing stock in Mumbai but over the years both these government undertakings have struggled to keep up to the population of the Mumbai city. The SRA authority provides slum dwellers with concrete houses in high rise skeletal towers where each slum dweller/hutment gets around 360 sqft house.

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