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Waiting For Reform Waiting For Reform
The government must make its firmer and more consumer centric in the coming Budget, says Sandeep Sadh
Wait & Watch. Wait & Watch.
With prices levela high and rumours of discounts, buyers today are a confused lot, says Sandeep Sadh
Vanashing Act Vanashing Act
Rubbishes that there is no demand for 1bhk homes or that it is not as much. "It si just as perception. The reason why not developers do not construct 1bhk apartment is because it is easier to market 2bhk & 3bhk Morever, in the recent years, the demand for 2bhk has gone up considerably. Thus, the developers do not want to bother with smaller homes", says Sandeep Sadh
Use It Wisely Use It Wisely
The government should use the money acquired from the sale of mill lands to boost infrastructure in the city, says Sandeep Sadh
Upward Bound Upward Bound
As market rates in the Stamp Duty Ready Rockoner may go up the new year, it makes sense to finalize the deal in the next couple of months, says Sandeep Sadh
Too High A Price Too High A Price
Expatriates in the city can pay as much as Rs. 7 lakh rent a month for a premium apartment, says Sandeep Sadh
Time For Correction? Time For Correction?
With both buyers expectstions and real estate prices having gone up, simultaneously, there is a mismatch in the market today,says Sandeep Sadh
Time To Move Time To Move
If you have property to sell and are planning to upgrade or move to another location, now is the good time to do so, says Sandeep Sadh
The Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens
Though housing is very sensetive sector, the government has failed to come out with transparent policies and stringent norms to protect the interests of proerty buyers and investors, says Sandeep Sadh
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