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Real Estate Mumbai is promoted by Mr.Sandeep Sadh who has been in the real estate business since the year 1993 and has an experience in transacting in Residential Lease & Sale, Commercial Lease & Sale. The experience of transacting and having a practical approach at work in each segments of real estate has given Real Estate Mumbai Pvt Ltd an edge over its competition.

Being a traditional real estate consulting company, with a deep understanding in the way the Mumbai city real estate works and combining the same with technology gives our clients a modern experience of home buying with crisp process driven approach.

In a growing city like Mumbai and in our fast paced lives, we have little time left or no to experiment or an understanding of a real estate complex matter, which could cost us both time and money. This is where the experience of a 23 years comes to us.

Also, being highly networked, we own and run the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) https://www.propi.in/ in the city of Mumbai with more than 5000 active realtors, which helps us to be updated on an every day basis as to what are the latest listings and trends and opportuinites for investments, pre-leased, expat housing etc.

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We have the largest and growing database of property renter, property sellers in both the Residential and Commercial domain and we can only assure an absolute property buying experience.

As a Company policy, we make it mandatory for our team mates to go and view properties before hand in most of the cases, save and except if the listings are listed by other Realtors who may have such exclusive mandates on the property.

Our previewed, screened and a basic hygeine check for listings ensure a level of deliverable properties and not just identifying them to you.

We work very closely with city’s renowned Law Firms and Chartered Accountants who specialise in different arenas of real estate and we advise you and link up with the expert in each domain so that any matter is sorted with ease, expertise and quickly.


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