MMRDA Secures Rs 850 Crore from KfW for Urban Infrastructure Development

The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has secured over Rs 850 crore from the German state-owned development bank KfW to bolster urban infrastructure development in and around the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Additionally, MMRDA will contribute approximately Rs 365 crore from its own resources, bringing the total funding for these projects to Rs 1,215 crore.

Focus on Sustainable Development

The funds from KfW and MMRDA will be allocated to various sustainable development initiatives, including:
- Green Corridors: Development of eco-friendly pathways and green spaces.
- Solid Waste Management Systems: Enhanced systems for waste collection, recycling, and disposal.
- Recycling and Reuse Facilities: Infrastructure to support waste recycling and reuse.
- Renewable Energy Solutions: Projects aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy.

These initiatives are part of the MMR Urban Infrastructure Amenities Project, designed to improve environmental sustainability and enhance the quality of life for residents in the bustling metropolitan area.

Previous KfW Financing

Before this agreement, KfW had given in-principle approval for two loans totaling over 545 million Euros (Rs 4,767 crore) to support key mass transit projects in Mumbai. These include:
- Metro Line 4: Extending from Wadala in central Mumbai to Kasarvadavli in Thane.
- Metro Line 4A: Extending connectivity from Kasarvadavli to Gaimukh in Thane.

These fully elevated lines will span 34.82 km with 32 stations, significantly easing daily commutes and contributing to a cleaner, less congested city. The 545-million-euro loan is the highest financing approved for any Indian entity to date.

Infrastructure Development by MMRDA

MMRDA is actively working on significant infrastructure projects, including the development of 14 different metro lines across Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. With a total length of 337 km, this is the longest metro network being developed simultaneously by a single agency anywhere in the world.


The collaboration between MMRDA and KfW highlights a strong commitment to sustainable urban development and improved public transportation. These projects are set to transform Mumbai's infrastructure, providing long-term benefits for the city's residents and environment.
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