Difference between General Power of Attorney and Specific POA

Due to the Covid situation a lot of people are not able to travel to execute relevant property documents and home buyers or sellers in a lot of cases have to rely on giving Power of Attorney to sign the Agreements for buying and selling properties or leasing commercial or residential properties in Mumbai or India.

The POA is usually of 2 types - General Power of Attorney and Specific Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney can be for long term and encapsulate right from filling your returns, operating bank accounts, signing writ petitions etc and they are valid until revoked. A Specific Power of Attorney is for a specific purpose which can be just signing or registering a Sale Deed/Agreement for Sale or a Leave and License agreement and the same is self relinquishing which means it expires after the purpose which is given for is done. For example after the execution of the sale deed where in the specific power is given to execute the agreement, the purpose of the Power is done. The specific POA can be also given to people to register any document while the signing can be done by the owners/purchaser/tenant etc.