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I liked, the personal touch which both Sandeep and Pooja gave during my entire relocation. I was not expecting this kind of a hand holding exercise, the negotiation, the paperwork, the move-in in the apartment was all seamless. I was was very concerned as to how I would manage as a working girl in Mumbai, but I am so glad I connected with online much before my relocation to Mumbai.
Lisa Woods - Real Estate Mumbai Client

Lisa Woods, Breach CandyRented Apartment

Buying a house in Mumbai in my families experience has been the most challenging, but to mine, it was the simplest thing, after I put down the phone on Indu, I was not sure what was coming next. Indu helped me with the best options in a day and within 24 hours I closed the deal with all the expert guidance from Sandeep and Indu, it was one of the quickest deal in our family history, and I can't forget this experience ever.
Renuka Shah - Real Estate Mumbai Client

Renuka Shah, Goregaon EastBought House

We put our house to sell on several websites, and we would get mostly junk calls. When I visited, I was amazed to see the quality of work, latest pictures and qualified and verified listing. After I listed my flat, I got a call from the team & they started bringing in clients and the 3rd client who came in loved my place and we signed up. Sandeep and Madhu, you know your job, Well done.
Sanjay Jain - Real Estate Mumbai Client

Sanjay Jain, Bandra Sold Apartment

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